does not employ any instructors to teach classes or selling services/products. is only a service provider and taking services fee for each sale.


Commission rate to instructors registered before 12/31/2020. The amount of commission is based on the transactions in payment gateway and miscellaneous costs. has the absolute final decision on the amount of commission.

75% of each net sale

A net sale is the sale price minus all discounts.


  1. No discount – If the class is listed as $10, then the net sale of a class is $10. The customer pays $10 through the credit card. The payment gateway will record the sales at $10. The instructor will get $7.5.
  2. With promotion discounts – If the class is listed as $10, and there is a promotion discount, say $1 coupon, then the net sale is $9. The customer pays $9 through the credit card. The payment gateway will record the sale at $9. The instructor will get $6.75 ($9 * 75%).
  3. 10 students in the class, why I only receive payment for 5? – If the class is listed as $10, and 10 students showed up in the class. One possible reason is:  5 students got hold of the access information so they did not pay. Instead of $75 (($10 * 10) * 75%). The instructor will only get $37.5 (($10 * 5) * 75%).

Service fee will charge 25% of the net sale as a service charge. The service charge includes transaction fees for financial gateway such as Stripe, e-commerce setup, and other miscellaneous costs.

Payout schedule

Currently, we review all sales at the end of every week. In order to handle any possible refund to customers, the commission payout will schedule within two weeks.

Payout process

  1. The payout notification will send out after every review.
  2. Instructors will need to reply with email address used for paypal account and confirm the amount of commission.
  3. Once the amount is confirmed, instructors will be paid via PayPal. Click here to see instructions in setting up the correct information for payout.

Please make sure you read the terms of service page that you have agreed upon when registered as an instructor. Information from this page can be changed without notification.

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