This article is going to demonstrate how to upsell your product with a class in order to increase your earning potential.

Step 1. Create a class if you have not done so already.

This is a mindset to teach a class in a way to promote your products. For example, a boxing class.

Please click here to learn how to add a class.

Step 2. Create a product that you want to upsell during the class.

In this case, a pair of boxing gloves that you will encourage your students to use during the class.

First difference from creating a class. There is no dates. So make sure the “Layout” is “Default”.

Second difference. There is a shipping section to be filled.

Choose the right shipping class. At the time of writing, we have “Local PickUp”, “Flat fee of $5” and “Flat fee of $10”. Choose the one that is appropriate. If you need to add a new shipping class or method, please contact the administrator.

Step 3. Upload the Product Picture.

This is the same process for uploading a product picture when adding a class.

Step 4. Press button “Publish” to publish the product!

Step 5. Checking the listing product you just created.

Go to “Instructor Dashboard”.

Go to “View Your Store”.

You will see both your classes and products in your store.

Here it is, your newly created product.

This concludes the lesson for adding a product for reselling purpose.

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