How to promote your FaceBook event and market your classes

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This video demonstrates how to promote your FaceBook event and market your classes This is another reason why you would like to join as fitness, wellness, and yoga instructor. Unlike other websites, I, the creator actually want you to be successful. There is a support group to exchange tips and ideas so we can be successful together. I am also a fitness instructor, yoga instructor to be exact. During COVID-19, many gyms and yoga studios are closed. I saw many advertisements out there claiming that they are helping instructors but they are just another money earning scheme to squeeze money out of fitness instructors who are out of work and in desperate situations. My goals are simple: Create a website to provide affordable classes for everyone in the world and help fitness instructors to earn what they are worth. provides payment and scheduling services just like 100s of websites out there. We also provide community features so we can generate our own demands organically – the potential of the increasing number of followers and customers for instructors. Ecommerce features to sell digital and physical products so fitness instructors can earn unlimited amount of money 24/7 even when they are not working. Visit for details. It’s free. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Please like, share this post, and subscribe to the channel. Barry


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